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For the fourth time we start our auction for the benefit of SOS Kinderdörfer.
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The tremendous success of Vienna’s top wines is no coincidence, and its growth is the result of the hard work by a group of dedicated wine producers, who have helped put Vienna on the map internationally with great wine qualities.


The WienWein group was formed in 2006 to set new measures of quality for Vienna wine; to show wine lovers both in Vienna and beyond the Austrian borders, that wine from Vienna has its own very unique character; to enhance every wine list and to claim a place in the international wine world.

The six members represent the great diversity of Vienna wine: Michael Edlmoser/Weingut Edlmoser in Mauer, Rainer Christ/Weingut Christ in Jedlersdorf, Fritz Wieninger/Weingut Wieninger in Stammersdorf, Gerhard J. Lobner/Weingut Mayer am Pfarrplatz in Heiligenstadt, Thomas Podsednik/Weingut Cobenzl in Grinzing, Thomas Huber/Weingut Fuhrgassl-Huber in Neustift am Walde (from left to right).


Vienna – The Capital City of Wine

With an area of just under 700 hectares (1,700 acres), the wine-growing region within the Austrian capital city is by no means the largest wine region. However, “Wien” remains the only wine region in the world that lies entirely within the boundaries of a metropolis.


The River Danube brings a unique microclimate and divides geological zones.

In the south of the city, the “Wienerwald” Vienna forest reaches far into the urban and residential areas, where a completely different climate prevails compared to the north and west of the city. In the northern outskirts of Vienna, the vineyards are adjacent to the Weinviertel wine district. Its southernmost sites, however, enjoy the warm, Pannonian climate, jutting onto the Thermenregion. Vienna offers a huge diversity of wine styles and grape varieties.


Urban Diversity

Picturesque vineyards that stretch from the northern Bisamberg, past the world-famous Nussberg, to the Maurerberg in the south of Vienna, to present their viewers with pride and offer growers the best possible conditions to make expressive wines that are full of character.


The result is an array of refined and playful white and red wines, that now rank among the best in the country and are internationally sought after.


The Taste of Terroir

The Wiener Gemischter Satz has a long viticultural tradition in Vienna. The vines of different grape varieties literally grow 'mixed up' in a vineyard. These grapes are harvested, pressed and processed together, to reflect regional typicity and terroir.


The WienWein group has been at the forefront of this great wine tradition and has worked hard to ensure the renaissance of the true Wiener Gemischter Satz. It is thanks to the persistence of these winemakers that the Wiener Gemischter Satz mixed field blend was awarded with the coveted DAC status, effective from the 2013 vintage.

Today, the Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC has its firm place in the Heuriger wine bars and on bespoke wine lists in trendy bars and gourmet restaurants in Vienna and beyond, from New York to Tokyo.


Imperial Splendour in Bottles

Maria Theresia would have been delighted with this complex fragrant WienWein-elixir: a Wiener Gemischter Satz, whose grapes are grown entirely in the park of the imperial baroque Schönbrunn Palace.


The “Liesenpfennig” (Liese penny) refers to the historical vineyards that existed at the time of the Habsburg monarchy, on the grounds of the imperial summer residence. Long forgotten, it was revived by the WienWein members in 2009.


Rainer Christ
Thomas Podsednik
Michael Edlmoser
Thomas Huber
Gerhard J. Lobner
Fritz Wieninger

Six winemakers, one city, one passion

The wine estates Christ, Cobenzl, Edlmoser, Fuhrgassl-Huber, Mayer am Pfarrplatz and Wieninger, are committed to the quality and uniqueness of Viennese wine.


Their tireless work to preserve the progression and protectin of viticulture in Vienna is an activity that carries equal significance.


„Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC 2015“ Ried Liesenpfennig

The third imperial vintage is here, whose grapes were grown exclusively in the park of the baroque imperial palace Schloss Schönnbrunn!

Place your bid and secure your bottle of this multilayered, aromatic elixir!

These will be sold to the top bidder, of course; and the bids will certainly prove to be generous, since all net proceeds go to the SOS Kinderdorf in Vienna, an organisation providing homes for children in need.



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